My project, titled The Inconvenient Truth,  focuses on contemporary environmental issues, specifically endangered species and pollution in marine and coastal environments that stem from modern day consumption. I am concerned about our culture’s cycle of consuming and discarding items, how it perpetuates the disconnection between humans and their natural environment, and the long-term effects this has for all inhabitants of the planet. I’ve applied my mission to reduce, reuse, and rethink the expenditure of goods by sourcing the majority of my project’s materials from reuse stores, natural environments, and my fellow community members. These materials range from wood, scraps of fabric, thread, marine debris, and denim jackets. With jackets as my canvases I depict hand painted imagery whose characteristics of minimal color and clean lines reflect that of screen prints. The draw towards incorporating denim jackets is for their ability to travel beyond exhibition walls and become conversation starters once they enter the scene of everyday life. This project aimed to attract not only those who consider themselves to fall into the “green” category, but more importantly individuals lacking knowledge regarding the role a consumer has in contemporary environmental issues in order to initiate discussion about positive solutions and ignite real change.


Special thanks to:

Cory Van Andel, Eileen Joyce, Emma Foster, Leina’ala Hall, Save The Whales, and Tori Craig.

Hanapepe, Hawai`i, USA

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